December 2013

After finishing the perfect 'mélange', Laroux effortlessly channels both Dietrich and Garbo in our Notting Hill flat.

Laroux Filjian in London

It is a bleak and rainy Christmas Eve. We are now in Paris having spent last week in London, prepping/filming on four different projects. Somehow, we always find time to stage a few portraits. ‘Roux is a favourite subject of mine.   … Read More

Pop Laroux S'Amuse A Londres, 1983

Pop Laroux de 11ième Arrondissement

                Pop Laroux, «L’Etoile de Bauhaus et Post Moderne» viens de visiter le West End avec artiste/mentor Barry L Young. Il est aussi une réalisateur d’un certain pour ses avertissements pour la television … Read More

shaun and barry camera

The Shaun J Optiks, KarmaVision 2.3

I was teaching Shaun Johnson, the artist in charge of my studio, about how Photoshop can be used to scan and deconstruct virtually anything real (three dimensional), then sculpt, layer and shade it to create new and fanciful representations of … Read More

michael cera new master

Other Obscure Renaissance Saints

            Saint Michael of the Tenderloin, 1488-1529. Patron Saint of Rentboys             Saint Keith of Tucson, 1540-1570. Patron Saint of People in a Hurry             … Read More

Pablo Master copy

Pablo de Woodward, Poet

    Pablo de Woodward wrote the bulk of his canon during the mid 16th century as he traveled from his birthplace in Norfolk, through Bretagne and into the Spanish Netherlands. His two greatest works, “Elegy for the Prior’s Daughter”, … Read More

hamster pattern trout dada TWO

Next Week I Am Back In London

London is a complicated place. It’s at the intersection of art and money.           I thrill to any and all historical vestiges, footprints, semiotics and there is plenty to be found here. I also seek the … Read More

anubis mannequin


It is 2013 in some ways. But, in some ways, it never stopped being 1922. I’m not complaining. It’s nice to live here before the war, and take pride in the decay of western civilization. Hedonism is a viable alternative. … Read More