anubis mannequin

It is 2013 in some ways. But, in some ways, it never stopped being 1922.
I’m not complaining. It’s nice to live here before the war, and take pride in the decay of western civilization. Hedonism is a viable alternative. The proletariat is faring much better now than they will in the second decade of the next millennium.

Of course they don’t have smart phones at the moment, but they get invited to more bacchanalia- especially on the left bank. And in Prague. And in Hamburg. Especially Hamburg.


Here is a clock, telling the revelers that is 11:11 pm.

aloe there horti geometry









11:11. A double hour. Which means they can act even more savage, primitive, bestial.

Don’t judge them, please.  Many will be dead in a decade or two.

Well then, where can we go next, you and I?

Shall we walk? Or shall I send for my driver?

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  1. al milburn says:

    I’m unsure of getting into a vehicle, which will surely be speeding momentarily into the rushing singularity of oblivion,even ‘tho it is that which I seek……if I step into its leather-piped mohair sweet crushed womb of smokey existense, will I be comforted by the comforting vapours of my somnambulist companion,or will I throw myself screaming from the hurtling mechanical giant, to be dragged and crushed beneath its cruel wheels…….?

  2. Personally, I’m a sucker for Berlin Dada.

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