Next Week I Am Back In London

London is a complicated place. It’s at the intersection of art and money.

hamster pattern trout dada TWO






I thrill to any and all historical vestiges, footprints, semiotics and there is plenty to be found here. I also seek the arcane, the obscure, the hidden, the off-limits. This also found Londinium. And I like well-spoken, slightly unhinged people. I will locate them all.

I am intent on losing my way. It’s a strenuous, but effective, way to find out who I am.


roux master







This is Laroux. She will be in London too.

I like taking her picture. She has a nice voice and was born in the wrong decade. We are working to fix that.


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  1. Gorgeious says:


  2. Giorgio says:

    Wish I were in London too. You should be a Mason. London has much in the way of Masonic arcane, hidden and obscure – ‘stuff’.

    • i may not be a mason but 2 things must be noted here. 1st my father was a masonry contractor, and 2nd, i have often drunk distilled spirits from mason jars.
      what level would this qualify me for?

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