Pablo de Woodward, Poet


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Pablo de Woodward wrote the bulk of his canon during the mid 16th century as he traveled from his birthplace in Norfolk, through Bretagne and into the Spanish Netherlands.

His two greatest works, “Elegy for the Prior’s Daughter”,  a clear metaphor about Ecclasiastical abuse of power in monastic England and a powerful rebuttal to Thomas Wharften’s “Dire Whelks Shall Maunday Come” (which condoned, even poeticized, sexual predation in the hermitages of Yorkshire) and “A Drowning of a Milkmaid in the Humber Estuary”, have both been included in Norton’s Anthology of English Verse.

His descendant, Pablo Woodward of Hollywood, also a poet, remembers meditating in the Los Angeles Arboretum in the late 80s where he was approached by the apparition of Hymes Cantrell, 4th Duke of Cumbria.

“Tell your gramps he is still owing to my estate 12 schilling and 10p for use of my ass to ride from Haarlem to the Friary of St. James’, accused the ghost, before disappearing.

This is a clip of the current Pablo Woodward, appearing in a film about me, titled “Barry Young is a Total Dick”. He plays a medical examiner, investigating the torture/kidnapping/death of my employees.






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