January 2014

From Blue Jay in the Hollywood Hills one can envision the possibilities, and look down on the disappointment.

all you need to know about l.a.

Are three things. 1) Idaho Ave. turns into Colorado when it crosses city limits into Santa Monica. 2) We have KCRW.* 3) It’s not Paris. (One can get there from here; but it’s a real pain the ass)      *Thanks, … Read More

Maison Triste, Saumur, Anjou

House I Lived In From 1789-1814

Anne-Celeste had been missing since the previous autumn. Eight months after her disappearance, her family convinced me to hire a local Avocat, who drew up documents declaring her dead and which he then submitted to the local courts. We  sometimes would hear … Read More

jessica ann framed

Mos’ Def In The Frame

Designer and model, Jessica Ann. Norse living in Anjou. She’s like a bird. She could land and perch on one’s finger. I could photograph, paint, or just stare at her… all day long. Magic? Meet Intelligence.

Feeling Like Bad, Right?

Angel Fearing To Tread

Saint Thorsten of Hull, was assigned DIRECTLY by God, to measure the amount of lust and avarice that dwelt in the hearts of each and very Man. (And when we say Man, we of course include Woman, right?) However, St. … Read More

Пожалуйста, сообщите laroux что я а потом Владимир отправил его человек во вселенной

Former Young Pioneer, Laroux Filjian

Born in Moscow in the late 70s, Laroux Filjian provided a superlative example to her young comrades at  school 352 by enthusiastically embracing the Soviet doctrines that young Russians first encounter when they become YOUNG PIONEERS.   Laroux now lives … Read More

Sylvie was a little more experienced now


Apres la guerre, Sylvie a compris que son amour pour le jeune capitaine bernard avait été égaré.