I experience everything, past and present, near and distant, corporeal and figurative, all at onceUnfiltered.  All the time.

Smells, shadows, noises, the breath of the cosmos all disrupt the air around me- all of this demands my attention. I’m not calling the shots here; I am attendant to events I had no part in conjuring.

The past melds with the future. The present is full of apparitions, creatures flitting in and out of my peripheral vision. I feel heartbeats that are not mine.


Sophie had shot the young officer, whose name she never learned, with a small caliber pistol. It took him six, agonising days and nights to die.

Sophie-Marie had shot the young officer, whose name she never learned, with a small caliber pistol. It took him six long, agonizing day’s and nights, to die.


9 Responses to Confession.

  1. al milburn says:

    consciousness on a stalk is what I call our state of being;the ramifications are spread thinner as we expand out ward/inward thickening/thinning to a pulse in the atmospheric pressure of existence.Maybe just a real nun(a commodity rarely seen nowadays), would do you better than a bondage titty-bar habitue.A woman with the ability to give herself only to the idea of God, so she absolutely denies you any satisfaction whatsoever.Talk about ideation! Can we even lick the black leather instep of such a vivid creature? It’d be a stretch, that’s for dang sure,pardner….Meanwhile, back at the saddle-tramp ranch of romantistentialist landscaping and truss-maintenance center, we are left to ponder the phone-bill and encroaching birth/deathdays of all around us,conveniently distracting ourselves from our own waning despair and demise.I love you.

  2. jody luetto says:

    If you really do “see it all”, like you say, … then you will know what to do? Or, won’t you know as it happens, …what to do next? Its one day at a time for most of us, so how do you expect to plan ahead, other than what is on your plate at the moment. Can you plan out the year of 2014 and know what is coming next from your bag of tricks? Because you should, you are a beautiful friend to so many people and you must go on. :)

  3. Roland Bonlett says:

    All I’ve learnt over the last few days is to never ever put purple cabbage in your vegetable soup. It looks bloody revolting. And don’t worry, Barry will go on… and on and on. That’s why we come here, for the on and oniness of it all. Also… Al. were you ever in a Western? Please be in a Western, it’d be brilliant.

    • I think you may have wandered into the wrong discussion again, Mr. Bartelt. Sit down, get warm, then we’ll hasten you back to the WW2 tank discussion/reenactment forum.

  4. Duncan says:

    At least you claim to know why you get up in the morning.

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